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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The trip was so good for me..

Back in Midland after going to see Adam. Got up there late Friday afternoon. Had some spicy Mexican food and then crashed Friday night. Major wind storm that woke us up but Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day. Went to Jemez Springs for a 6 mile round trip day hike. Was not sure I would feel like going. But thanks to Adam and Lucille, I went. And boy was it great! I really needed to know that I could do one of the pleasures I like and that is hiking in the great outdoors. Was tired when we got home Saturday but felt so good about the trip. Expected to be sore today but so far no soreness. Tomorrow might be different.
The good news is that we got to really enjoy the outdoors before this seven weeks starts. Not really knowing what to expect is what made this weekend so special. Adam made the comment that he has not had spicy food three days in a row!! His taste buds may never be the same! He bent over backwards to have spicy foods and snacks for me. My taste buds have really been acting up so the spiciness really helped in eating.

Slept pretty good for two nights and enjoyed the drive up and back from Albuquerque. My attitude is charged going into tomorrow. Radiation starts at 2:30 with radiation/chemo starting around around noon on Tuesday. It will be an interesting week to see what happens.
I know God will not let me bear anymore than I can handle. I have trusted in him to get me this far so will trust in him for the rest of this treatment and my life. Nite all.....

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