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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

start of 3rd week

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

I spent most of weekend trying to eat and drink and deal with my stomach. Yesterday was a day that finally I started feeling better. Today should be better before chemo tomorrow. In addition to my stomach problems, food just has not tasted good or even moderately good. I am using Biotene products to help with the tongue issue. The drugs for my stomach don't seem to be working. At this point in my treatment I am having the most trouble with chemo, not radiation. My throat is starting to dry up some but still able to swallow and able to keep the back of throat moist with water and Biotene.

You forget how bad you feel during all of this. I guess the brain just moves those experiences back into the brain. But when it happens as in this case, the experiences come back. But have only four weeks left to go. I have not started counting the days but looking at weeks. This will be a hectic week with surgery to go on top of chemo and radiation.

Lucille has been trying so hard to find things for me to eat. She has cooked so many meals that have gone uneaten by me. Today and tomorrow should be pretty good eating days. I had a baked potato yesterday with all the trimmings. The biggest thing I have noticed yesterday was that everything needs to have moisture in it. But I can handle that with liquids at this point.

I hope all of you have a great week. I have prayed for each of you this weekend and hope that God blesses each of you for your support of Lucille and me. Later all....

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