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Saturday, May 16, 2009

First week gone

Today is Saturday. I have spent the day resting and sleeping. It rained this morning and has been cloudy all day. The rain is such a blessing. Hopefully it will continue tonight. Went to bed last night around 10pm and we slept until about 9am this morning. Sarah and the kids came over for a few minutes to visit before traveling to Dallas for a doctor's appointment for Walker. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to find a cure for Walker.

Got home around 7pm last night after doing some necessary work at the office. Did not get to send the Troop off on their backpack trip. There is no way I could have even walked the couple of miles with the guys even without a backpack. Lucille and I took a little walk last night and I was just wore out after a half a block. This chemo/radiation is really making me feel tired. The good news is that it appears (this week anyway) that I will have stomach problems on Thursday and Friday. The bad news is that I am on a diet again!! Having to force feed myself to keep enough protein and fats to keep me going. It is frustrating on Lucille, needless to say.

I may have to start shaving again. It seems that my beard is starting to grown back - - - as peach fuzz on my upper lip. Let's see that hasn't happened since junior high days!! Still have the five wild hairs on the right side of my face. So will shave in the shower every few days now. What a hassle!! (you should be laughing!).

I think the weekends are good for recovering from the weeks activities of chemo/radiation. I hope to feel stronger tomorrow as a result of this rest. So I have finished 4 days of radiation with 33 days to go! My neck tan continues to get browner but may have to go to the tanning salon to get the other side to match ! Just a joke.

Hope all have enjoyed their Saturday. Tomorrow will start a new week. I will try to post each day but as the week wears on, my energy level drops to the point so I want to do is sleep. Have a blessed evening ya'll.

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  1. Hi Steve,

    Let's see....chemo and radiation at the same time...double whammy and no fair. I had more trouble with the chemo than the radiation although I did get brown on my chest but no blistering until the last week under my arm which was propped above my head during the treatments. That in itself caused me to have limited moveement in my right arm...still bugs me to this day.

    I'm sorry that this is going to be the most difficult time for you but glad to know that you are facing it with lots of positive strength and faith in God. I can only imagine what your throught will feel like after 3 weeks of this...not good for sure.

    I had a scare myself around Easter time. I went to AZ to see my boys and attend a wedding. My radiation cough was getting a little worse and by the time I got backhome I was feeling terrible. I called my oncologist....got in that afternoon, had a chest x-ray whichshowed radiation pneumonitis and slight pneumonia. Ok I can deal with that. They gave me anitbiotics, steroids and an inhaler and it took me two weeks to recover. I get a phone call from the oncologists office two weeks after my visit saying the radiologist saw something on my lungs and wanted to do a CT scan. Well that almost put me over the edge....now what was I gonna do if it was lung cancer? Lots of prayers (powerful prayers) for a good result and low and behold the day I had the scan, the oncologist calls and says everything was clear. It appeared that I had some scarring on my lungs...DUH...it was radiated! But she thought I might have asthma since the cough continues. so I'll see a pulmonology specialist this week. Once you've been diagnosed with cancer, unfortunatley you always have that fear way in the back of your mind.

    Pace yourself son, you will need as much strength as you can to deal with radiation...I know lots who said it just about took all they had to turn over in bed. I know you will or Lucille will have your head, right?

    I love the head cage you have...ask them if you can keep it for a souvineer when your are done. It could be a planter. LOL.

    Take care, God is there always for you.

    Love to both,