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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stomach issues..

Good morning all..

It has been a couple of days I would just as soon forget. For forty-eight hours, I have had an upset stomach in which I have eaten very little. I have felt like I have been sucker punched. And slept a great deal.

Today I am finally feeling like a living person again. I will be resting and sleeping but at least I was able to eat some breakfast and drink what I needed to be drinking this morning. I am two weeks into this process. I hope that I don't have another week like this one! This week coming up will be a very hectic one with the peg surgery squeezed inbetween radiation treatments. The chemo treatment will be on Wednesday afternoon.

But today I plan on enjoying the bright sunshine and the nice weather. And hopefully eating to make up for a couple of meals that I have missed the last couple of days. I want to eat but when anything hits my stomach, it starts churning and I will not eat anymore. If I could get the chemo stomach under control, things would be much better.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and my Troop is putting out 500 flags. It will be a long day for me as far as being tired but these flags are a small part of what I can do to honor those Americans who have given their lives for this country. So tomorrow as you are enjoying your holiday, just say a tiny prayer for all those soldiers who are currently fighting to make sure we have our freedoms. Later all.....

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