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Friday, February 20, 2009

yea it's friday

Needless to say yesterday was not a particularily good day. Have to have about 6 good teeth pulled in early March. I guess the good news is I get to keep some! I did find out that radiation will be six weeks in duration. So I am looking at it as a count down. Just like this is the first week gone in the six month ordeal!

Have you ever had a sticker in your body that you couldn't get out? It would fester until the body pushed it out. Well the first 24 hours my body was reacting to this foreign being that wasn't supposed to be here (the port). But today my body seems to be accepting it more maybe realizing that it is a good thing in my body to help it recover.

Got up this morning after a semi good sleep but ready for work. Got to work and got alot accomplished this morning. Was determined that if I have a bad day the next day would be a great day! Spent part of the afternoon lecturing a UTPB class about graphics. But the best news was from Dr Patel about the tonsil. Oh yea - that was the little rascal that started this whole mess! Anyway the tonsil ( or I gather the lack of the tonsil ) is great. He said the pain in my ear is from the throat now. Tonight I wanted to try some solid food. Did not think that Taco Villa french fries could be sooooooooooo good. Well, that is until they got cold! Tried a taco burger but the bun was just too mushy to eat. It was not enough so came home to a wonderful bowl of potato soup which was great! John Petree brought it by and at this writing I am getting my belly full. Think I might try a hamburger patty tomorrow night! When you don't get to eat, then the little things you get to eat are priceless. Walker (my grandson) and I talked about the same foods we will be eating soon. Once radiation starts it is a straight liquid diet for the duration of the six weeks plus the recovery time to the mouth and throat to heal. That hamburger with all the trimmings will taste so wonderful.!

Have been told that I have to consume 2000 calories a day! It will be alot of protein drinks. But that beats having a tube put in my stomach. See there is a reward to everything, you just have to find it!!!

This week is done and have had only 1 real bad day. I know there will be others but am determined the good days will outlast the bad ones. Thanks for all the support and for the continued support as I know ya'll are here for the long haul (6 months). Have a great weekend!


  1. Steve - good to hear an update! Glad you're doing well. Praying for ya!!

  2. Daddy- Just like with everything in my life you are a rock. You are truly amazing. We are so blessed.
    I love you