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Friday, February 13, 2009

ohhhhhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

What a way to end the second week of this ordeal... Told I had to have another cat scan. Little did I know that not only involved another iodine injection, but had to drink barium and to top or I guess to end it all, had to have an enema !!!! Certainly was not expecting all that today. Scan was to check for cancer in lungs, stomach and bowels!! You know if I had wanted to clean out my system (insides) I can think of better ways to do it!!

The good news is that my tonsil is about healed. Had 2 hard boiled eggs and fine hamburger and gravy tonight. Plus about 4 gallons of liquid this afternoon. So I have worn a path to the bathroom. If this keeps up, may have to have a catheter. What's one more tube they are going to put in me?? (Hope you're smiling).

Tomorrow is suppose to be miracle day with throat so we will see. If that is the case then here comes the hamburger, fries and shake. It will be short lived as my PET Scan is Monday at 1pm and have to be a total vegetarian starting Sunday at noon until this scan is done! I know how many of you know how long I have secretly wanted to be a vegetarian.

Still getting tired at end of day so will try to sleep in tomorrow, which means 7:30am! I continue to thank God for all of you who have lifted Lucille and myself up in prayers. Good night.

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