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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have met cancer and he is mine!!

Will start taking down this bad boy on Wed. Feb. 25, I start chemo to get rid of this demon! So I guess next week at Scouts I might give the boys an opportunity to shave my head! Not sure I trust them with clippers, but it will be one for the ages!! Drank coffee today so should be alot more stimulated. After all, isn't that what makes the world work? For those that know me, coffee is my stimuli!!!

Worked thru some pain about 3am and again at 4pm but am making lots of progress. Get to have egg yolks for supper!!! yum yum. Next week will be full of doctor visits, tests and one operation. Not sure I want to give up the codeine!! (This is a joke people!!!) One visit is the chemo class - so they can tell me how much I hurt and how sick I will be! Don't they think I can find out about it myself? (This is a joke - you should be laughing)

At this point, I gather that my worst days from chemo will be the 3 - 5 days after I start chemo. Then get 3 weeks to get energy back up. Like I said, coffee will be doing wonders. I will be the first to show them how good coffee works!!!!!

Go to Dr Patel (tonsil doctor) tomorrow to look at my throat. Not sure what he will find except one less tonsil! Looking forward to the day of real meat!


  1. Wow! You truly are a brave man to let scouts around your head with clippers!?! It also sounds like you have a week of more fun than one person should be allowed to have.
    Please know prayers are flying your way!

  2. Hey, Steve...know my prayers are with you as you let the scouts cut your hair (are you REALLY going to do that? Do I need to call Jimmy Patterson so he can document it for the MRT?)

    If you're ever bored (Yeah, right!), check out my blog...

  3. Yea - how often does the MRT get to have such a great story. Scoutmaster scalped by the boys?