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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The day before...

Well, tomorrow morning starts the road to recovery. At 8:30am I will start the chemo process.

Didn't think I would have any doctors visits today, but dentist called and saw him at 4:45pm. So instead of five teeth, I now think it will be six and possibly seven teeth they will take out around March 18. The good news is that there will be less to floss and less to brush!

Biggest problem I have right now is getting enough rest. The liquids and food seem to be ok, just not getting quite enough rest. First half of the night is good then the tossing and turning start for the next few hours. But guess when I get tired enough I will sleep. Did take a little nap this afternoon and it was ok. Guess I need a good dull book to put me to sleep.

The day started out eating a doughnut hole with my grandson - Harrison. Then worked on the Troop Court of Honor that we had this evening. Which went well. There are two adult leaders in this Troop that I had a charcoal print made of them for all the unselfish work they do. I think they were really surprised. First time in 24 years I was not the master of ceremonies. But my voice just will not take continual talk for an hour. But I expect the audience was glad not to have to listen to my lame attempt at jokes!

I just want to thank everyone for their cards, prayers and support. It means alot to us and will help us thru this ordeal. While cancer typically happens to one person it becomes a family ordeal. And becomes an ordeal for all the friends and workers. I feel for anyone who has to go at this alone. I have learned already that cancer folks are a very special breed of people. So there will be another group of people to know and to help. Tall Paul had a lymph node taken out and found out today that it was not cancer. This is great news and thank God for taking care of him.

Besides protein drinks today, I had some mashed potatos, refried beans, cheese and a couple bowls of fruit salad. Topped it off with some chocolate cake tonight. Will have cup of tea and possibly something else light before bed. Used to I worried about eating too close to bedtime but the doctor says to eat all the in smaller quantites so this part is fun. Now if I don't lose the weight during radiation, then I'm in big trouble!! Anyone up for a fudge ice cream bar??

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