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Monday, February 16, 2009

not again!!!!

Well, after starving myself to the point that my blood sugar was a very low 66, I had to drink barium again in addition to having radiation put into my body! But got to take a semi nap and a talk with God while waiting for the radiation to flow through my body. Now weigh 158 pounds in my socks. And right now I am starved and all I have in my office is chocolate! Will have a good (well as good as it can get) supper later this evening only to start starving myself for the port operation on Wednesday.

Now if you want a sure fire way of losing weigh..... First 4 days eat either jello or pudding. Only 1 small container per meal. Then you can add a small helping of smooth potatoes in place of the jello or pudding. This for a couple of more days. I lost 5 pounds from that!! Last night I had a salmon patty, broccoli and cheese and a hard boiled egg for supper and breakfast this morning was a hard boiled egg and a sliver of cheese! Ya think it would make a best seller??????

Throat is feeling somewhat better but no hamburger tonight!! And here I thought this week I could put a couple of pounds back on eating all the healthy stuff that I crave!!! (If your not laughing now, then evidently you don't know me!!)

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