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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The First Day

Hi everyone,

First of all, Lucille and I want to thank all of you who have prayed for me during this time. It is just the beginning and with God’s help, all will be ok. For those of you who have brought flowers, food, cards, visits – please accept our thanks. You never know how many friends you truly have until something like this happens.

Now for an update. Had surgery last Wednesday for an enlarged left tonsil. The doctor found cancer in the tonsil, then a mass behind the tonsil which he took out (which was pressed against the throat) and a stage 1 cancer in a lymph node (which the doctor took out). No cancer in the other lymph nodes that he saw. The throat cancer is a stage 2.

So today at 2pm we have a meeting with Allison Cancer Center to have a consultation on how this will be treated.

At this point, food is not a problem as I cannot eat anything solid and Lucille does not eat much. Your prayers and support have been and will be greatly appreciated. According to all the information, hydration will be one of my biggest problems. If you don’t have stock in Pedialyte, it may be time to invest!! (you're suppose to laugh here!)

I got to eat whipped potatoes yesterday. Did not know that potatoes could taste so good and that jello and pudding could taste so bad! And what a way to wing myself off coffee!

I will be communicating via email more in the immediate future due to the radiation and chemo on my throat. I know many of you will wonder how I will be so quiet. All I can say is – ain’t the internet and wireless wonderful? (Laugh again!)

I will be working as I can so I ask for your patience and support.


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  1. You are on your way to recovery with that strong positive attitude. Besides the Lord, positiveness is the best medicine. I will be by your side on every step of the way with/through prayer. You are in the perfect hands of the Lord.

    Love in Christ,

    Margie Valenzuela