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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

oh me oh my

And just when I thought it was going to be a few nice days before chemo and have realized that the tonsils are not healed and may not be before chemo starts. Oh me - but last night Lucille made mashed potatoes and meat loaf. And it was great!! Just have to be sure to not chew as much and all is ok! Oh my - tonight had the same and was in pain!! Tried to chew too much!

Went to chemo class today with 2 other couples. Jennifer (the nurse) kept saying such things like, oh Mr Vaughan yours will be a longer chemo run, or you will be at the lab a few hours longer than the normal 2 hours! I guess somebody is trying to tell me something!! I am having a port put into tomorrow morning and was told I would probably have it in for quite a while.. And she wasn't even my nurse I will be seeing!!! It seems I am the talk of the medical community!!!

So will be looking for some good books to read! Any suggestions? Still trying to get a full days work in and still be able to take a mid day nap. So far it hasn't worked although those close to me say that I am going to be locked down for that period if I don't start taking naps.

Oh me - am told by one person I will lose my hair and another said I will have a little thinning. Oh my - my boys in Troop 175 were greatly disappointed tonight when they could not shave me!
If I shed too much, Lucille will make me shave!! Your suppose to laugh here. If you know Lucille, then you realize she sheds constantly and still has so much hair that the hair dresser thins it once a month!

Am not use to being tired. Anyone have any suggestions for pep-me ups? So with that said about tired I am calling it a night. Thanks for your continued support and prayers. You do not know how much they are appreciated!!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated!! I'll try and think of some good books and come back.

    Until then, read blogs!! VodkaMom is hilarious, as is FireAnt Gazette, JillJillBoBill, StickyDoorknobs...