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Monday, February 23, 2009

God hears our prayers

Well gang, I am cured!! No, not quite but the results of the CT and PET scan came through today and it was better than I had anticipated. There is some cancer starting on the right side of my throat and a cancer on my vertebra which is affecting the nerves in my left arm. Now you may think that this is a bad thing but now the good news. I now know why my left arm was giving me problems and it will be cured. All of the chiropractor treatments and steroid shots were for naught as it was this cancer causing this. And the better news is that the cancer is so small that only the PET scan picked it up. And this chemo treatment will take care of it without radiation. The cancer on my left side (the bad side) was a 36. The cancer on the right side of my throat was a 11. And the chemo doc seems to think that the chemo will take care of this cancer also. Still have to have radiation on my left throat. So God has answered many prayers (except the one person who was praying for me to get fat) and given all that could be happening I think he has answered one here.

Today has been a good day overall. Even went to get me some motorcycle sunglasses. Guess it will really make me cool. (you should be laughing hard now). Then spend the day talking to clients and working. Weather was good, clients were great - what a day!

I should tell all of you what wonderful kids we have. I don't think there is a better set of kids anywhere. The sacrifices they are making for us is overwhelming. Not sure I did anything right but evidently Lucille did alot right!!!!! (Lucille says, "Whatever.")

At this point I will have two rounds of chemo which means two months and then 6 weeks of radiation with a low dose of chemo. Folks that is two weeks short of 4 months. I think I heard Philmont calling me!! There will be some rough days but they will be fewer than the good days!

Today I ate an apple for lunch. Solid food. Who knows maybe the Scout House will see me there some Tuesday night enjoying a hamburger with the guys. With all the people keeping tabs on me, I will not need to worry about food or drink or keeping my 2000 calories a day going into me.

Tomorrow I have no doctors, no chemo, no operations, no tests. I get to have a doughnut with Harrison (my grandson of 4). And then a full day of work.

We ask and God provides. Then we have to accept what God gives. Ain't God GREAT!!

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