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Sunday, February 15, 2009

weekend in review

Saturday was to be the breakout day!! What a disapointment! Could not get untracked and throat was certainly doing anything but what I expected it to do. Between sleeping, and sleeping and sleeping, I did not accomplish anything. Guess for the remainer of winter and spring I am reduced to wearing a cap or beanie to keep warm. And I haven't even lost all my hair yet. Although that may be happening sooner than later. Day I would rather forget. Today (Sunday) is much better. Ear still hurts but throat seems to be better. Doing a couple of little projects around house and getting ready for Flag Day tomorrow morning. Big PET scan tomorrow so only vegs and meat and water and coffee are on the eating menu. May end up eating baby food is this throat doesn't get any better!

Just a note to say thanks for the prayers and cards and emails. The cards and emails are a real picker-upper!!


  1. We are praying for quick healing, a good response to chemo and an opportunity to see God's amazing healing powers! We love you guys, Jeremy and Amy