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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Don't ya just love Sundays?

Got to sleep in - if you call 8:30 early! Dogs have a way of making sure you don't get to sleep in! For some reason they think they need food in the morning! So got up, fed the dogs, turned on the coffee, read the paper. Then I made scrambled eggs with cheese while Lucille made pancakes. Great breakfast!! Then helped Lucille clean the house - yes, I can vacuum. At least I make an attempt at it! Weighed myself after breakfast and I weighed 159.

Adam put a counter and location hit on the blog. It has been uplifting to see how many people are looking at this and where the hits are coming from. Don't know who is in New Jersey, but thanks for the support! It will be interesting and fun to follow it in the weeks ahead.

I actually slept for my mid-day nap today. Lucille and Sarah went and relaxed - I believe it is called shopping! Then I worked on plans for the chuck box. Late this afternoon, Kelly and I had another brainstorming session on the plans. The only thing worse than two accountants working on this would be two engineers! Accountants are worried about using all the materials purchased - engineers are worried about the square corners and safety aspects.

It has been a great day today. I know my throat is there but as compared to some previous days it was great! No work - just a day for relaxing and resting. I have gotten addicted to the military channel. Must be a guy thing!! After all isn't HGTV the only good thing on TV?

I have kept myself from thinking about this week too much as tomorrow we get the results of the PET scan and start chemo on Wednesday. And that is the day that actually starts the countdown to killing this foreign object in my body!!

See you tomorrow......

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