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Monday, June 15, 2009

another day, another treatment

Today is Monday th 15th of June. went in for radiation treatment today and was told that I would have a boost this week., In other words, they are going to narrow the scope of the radiation.

Spent the weekend sleeping and doing dry heaves. In fact, while getting treatment this morning I thought I was going to heave thru my mask. It make be a long three weeks.

But did find out that I was having a reaction to the Ensure. Lucille found a muscle booster that has between 800 and 1000 per 4 ozs. So far it has not caused any reaction in my stomach. Stomach is still upset but understand it will be for the duration of this treatment.

Still able to swallow liquids and some soft foods (with a water chaser). Biggest problem right now is dealing with the burn around my neck and the blisters. IT itches like crazy but am refraining from scratching.

Am sleeping alot. Working at anything is in less than 2 hour increments. But it is better than nothing. Also am cold alot of the time. Only I'm not is when I am outside in the 100 degree heat.

I think the docs were surprised when I told them I still had some saliva in my mouth. Not enough for sure but some. The little drinks of water really help keep the mouth moisturized.

So if I am sohehow able to keep my stomach somewhat in check, things might not been too bad. Will just have to play it out and see.

Jim Adams is hopefully coming home this week from Houston. Praise God for answered prayers. Later gang...

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