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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And then there were 2 left

Slept fitfully last night but made up for this morning by sleeping 3 hours while I was being hydrated again. Had another day of radiation. Still on go for recovery starting July 3. The days seem to be dragging at this point as I wait for the final two treatments and doctors appointments. It will be long time before I stop going to Allison Cancer Center but the trips will just slow down. I still have a CT and PET scan sometime in the near future, and get this PEG tube removed. I look forward to start trying food again next week and trying to get back up to speed energy wise. The main thing is not to try and get it all done in a week! (Who me?)

I have a couple of other little issues I will try and get resolved this week and then all systems are go for recovery. The people at Allison are a wonderful and caring group of people. Their passion for help goes beyond what they have to do for a job. And while I will not miss the treatments I will miss the people who have treated me. There cannot be enough thank yous given to these folks for their outstanding devotion. And I can say the same thing about the oncology unit at MMH. These people are dedicated to helping people with cancer, and I will never forget them.

I was listening to a young man talk to a new patient this morning. The goods and bads of his chemo treatment. And it made me think of my treatments and thoughts and highs and lows since it began on Feb 24.

Today I am a cancer survivor, and on Thursday I will be a cancer survivor in recovery. It has been a long time for me. I am ready to start on the next phase.


  1. Dear Steve and Lucille,

    I have thought of you both a million and one times, prayed even more than that . . . Often times just whispered your name to The Great Physician, knowing He knew your needs better than I . . .

    You've inspired so many, both of you, through this journey. I print your blog and show it to Diane (Greg's mom) . . . She's knee-deep in the trenches right now, and just like you, so full of joy and hope.

    I'm just thrilled that you're nearly there! Come on July 3rd! What a tremendous Independence Day you will have!!

    God Bless you both!

    Love in Him,

    Amanda Burkett

  2. Sweet! Though I've not been commenting, I read and think of you often. You rock, Steve...