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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another day down - another day closer to finishing

What a blessed night and day of rain. We got 1 1/2" here at the house. Spent part of the day getting my Boy Scouts ready for summer camp. This will be the first year in 25 years that I have missed summer camp. Spent most of the afternoon with one of my Eagle Scouts - Ben Kennady. It is so refreshing to see them grow into responsible young men. I'm not even holding it against Ben for going to A & M!

Slept pretty well last night and plan on sleeping in again tomorrow but going to see the boys off to summer camp. Looking at my neck makes one think that I need to scrap off this stuff bu I am supposed to leave all the scabbing on and it will gradually come off as the neck heals from the inside out. I have gained 3 pounds through last night so this is a good thing. The bottom has stopped and over the next couple of weeks I will gain some of this weight back. And when it is over it is back to healthy foods! And some not so healthy foods!

The morphine seems to have really helped with the neck pain as well as with the stomach. At this point the neck is giving me the biggest problems. But have another day of recovery before going back for another week of radiation. The pictures below are what the neck looks like today. They are pretty bad so be aware before you look at them!

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