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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Silly me!

I've a pretty good two days but tonight I am starting to feel the stomach issues come back. How soon I forget about the bad days when the good ones arrive, even if short lived. But am rapidly approaching the two weeks left mark.

Had radiation at 7am this morning, came home and took my morphiene and proceeded to fall asleep for about an 1 1/2 hours. Went to work for about an hour and then spent part of afternoon at kids new home.Ran out of gas around 3 so came home and tried to sleep. But was too wired so just rested. Maybe it was the morphine. And then at 8pm I took another morphine and fitfully slept for about an hour.

I really thought the morphine would really lessen the stomach issues but still have to take the other pills. As Lucille will tell you, I hate to take pills so she has to constantly remind me. Good thing she is around!!

I am feeling better now that Lucille found my new meals. For 4 oz of this diet I get 855 calories. So for three feedings a day I am over the minimum again. So hopefully the weight loss will stabilize over the next couple of weeks. I sit and dream of eating real food again and even tried hot wings tonight but alas, it was to no avail. But soon I will be eating the juicy burger Michael promised me from the first time he heard I had cancer.

Tomorrow will be the last one this week so with the weekend to recover. Was told today that I will have only one more boost. Radiation is radiation. Happens everyday regardless of how much they do. I spend the same amount of time at this point as I did before this boost. It is just more concentrated.

I am now up to shaving 3 times a week for my beard and should be for my head but will keep shaving to only twice a week. Gotta go get a new fashion shirt for tomorrow because Lucille cuts the neck band off to keep my neck from getting worse. It is the hit of the radiation department!

Good news from Jim Adams. He is home from Houston and resting. Thank you for your prayers. He is a wonderful guy! Nite all...


  1. It's so great to hear that you only have 2 more weeks of radiation! The Kennadys will be praying for you.

  2. Hiya Steve,
    Boy do I remember radiation! I've got little tattoos (black dots) spaced about every six inches in a square on my chest. That helped the radiation techs make sure they were getting the same place each time. You haven't mentioned them so I assume you didn't get any. The worst part of radiation was that I had to have my right arm raised above my head and the radiation created all this scar tissue in my shoulder and chest. It's pretty tight but with massage and yoga it loosens up. I got blisters in my arm pit the last week of radiation which was the pits...they gave me the same cream you have and it did help. I'm so sorry that you're having such stomach issues...not fun at all. It will get better but don't be discouraged if it takes longer than two weeks to recover. The doctors tell you that but it might take longer since you are having other issues to deal with. It took me a good six months to start feeling like my old self again and sometimes to this day I don't feel like I did before I was diagnosed...that was 10 years ago!
    Congrats on your's and Lucille's anniversary...wow 38 years. If my first husband had lived we would have been married 37 years this year.
    If you get the chance send me your home address as I don't have it. I also called you one day but since you can't talk much I'll wait until you can!
    Keep that positive faith up, God is right beside you all the way, you know that!
    Hugs to both of you but mostly Lucille as she has much to deal with during this time. I'm so glad she is such a good supporter for you...that makes this battle that much easier.
    Hang in, Christi

  3. Steve, just started following your blog ... oh my that looks nasty ... I feel for ya.

    All the best to you and hopefully it won't get too much worse.