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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just trying to get my calories///

Well thought today would be a breeze. Yea right!!

Had radiation this morning and then worked too much today. Haven't felt too bad until around 5pm when my body said I had overdone it! So will have to really tone down my work load and make sure I take it easy. They tell me the hardest part of this treatment is ahead.

Tried to eat tonight. Did not work. But ate onions and bell peppers with olive oil. Don't think there are too many calories there! So will ensure tonight to get calories up some. I really thought I would be able to eat today since I did not have chemo this week. How soon one forgets how long it truly takes chemo to exit the system. But will continue to try and eat. And to FEED THE TUBE!

I am getting more used to this foreign object in my stomach. I know it will not be protruding from my body any longer than necessary.

But the good news is my attitude is much better today and my thinking is getting back on track. Biggest problem is pacing oneself to not get overextended. And my problem is that I feel good and keep going far too long. So for the next couple of months I HAVE to make myself stop even is I don't feel like it! Easier said than done!!!

I would like all of you to say a special prayer tonight for Jim Adams. He is 85 years old and one of my dear friends and he is in the hospital on a breathing tube. He continues to write to me and now he is the one who needs help. I would appreciate your prayers for him.

God has been carrying me this last week and today I put my footprints by his. What a great feeling to know that he is always here for us. We just have to pay attention and have the faith that he will be here regardless. Nite all....


  1. My prayers are always with you. and your story your blog i have been able to forward to some friends. it has helped them thru some of their struggles. i have another friend who has cancer and your story has helped me to beable to talk to them and encourage them. God blessings thru your struggle. Much love in Christ.


  2. Steve . . . Your blog continues to inspire this little family. I read it faithfully, and report the latest to Greg, Ben and Cam. Your name is whispered often in heaven-sent prayers. I pray, too, for sweet Sarah and her darling little ones. You've blessed the life of my mother-in-law, too, as she continues the courageous fight. Thank you. Your words mean so much to my family. In Him! Amanda