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Monday, June 8, 2009

Catch 22

It's Monday afternoon and I am totally wasted. Spent the weekend eating and sleeping but as this treatment gets deeper, I am finding that I cannot get enough rest. Got up this am, had radiation, came home and slept til around 11am. Went to the office and worked until 4pm, came home and slept for another hour or so. And while the sleep is good, I am not eating or drinking enough. It is a catch 22 here. So tonight will be feeding the tube until I go to bed around 10.

Was told that my peach fuzz was out of control and had to shave today! And was told I have hair on the top of my head, which has not been the case in a number of years! But will keep it shaved for the balance of the summer.

Still able to swallow and eat semi solids. But the trick is finding something that is agreeable with my tongue and stomach. Four weeks left so have get with program to make it. Weight is big concern right now so have to stay with anything that has alot of calories.


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