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Friday, June 26, 2009

Truly one week left

I had radiation at 7am and hydration at 1pm. Am pretty tired this afternoon. Did not sleep well last night. My pillow keep moving all night and could never get it settled. But the good news is I drank most all night so kept my mouth moist.

Did not sleep much today either. Tired but was not able to sustain any long periods so maybe tonight will be better. Will be in bed early tonight fighting my pillow!

Next week will be radiation thru Thursday and most possible hydration will be everyday thru Thursday and than hydration some the next week. Hopefully to help get over the chemo quicker in getting it out of my system. Can drink water and warm coffee. Can eat soft much but nothing has taste so no desire to eat. Week after next that has to change. But expect another week before truly being able to eat another that has some taste.

So while it may not be a posting every day I will continue to post for awhile. I want everyone to know when I truly have gotten back to a "normal" state for a cancer survivor!

Tomorrow and Sunday should be the bad days for the chemo treatment. So will stand on morphine and the other drugs I'm on. I will not miss the upset stomach at all!!

God keeps opening doors when you least expect them. We just have to listen and be patience with him. It's his schedule not ours.

My neck is much better this day and hopefully will continue to get better as this next week unfolds. This is due in part of the lotion, in part to the 15 minutes of radiation instead of 30 minutes of radiation and the boost in radiation (the decrease in the size being treated). I still get cold at night and sleep in a hat. Bet it will be next summer before that part goes away!

My voice fades in and out and after about 15 minutes, it is gone for awhile. My hearing has finally started fading but hopefully it will pick back up after this is all done. As hopefully my eyesight will. Lots of ifs, but the best part is still above ground and breathing.

Nite all...

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