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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The final treatment awaits me!!

Did not sleep particularly well last night. Was pretty restless and am sure that I kept Lucille up alot of the night with my coughs. But had my next to last day of radiation and did hydration this am. Tomorrow I get to take my mask home where I will hang it in my office as a reminder of the events of the last few months. I'm sure it will be quite a conversation piece!

Am feeling pretty good right now. The real test will be this weekend and staying hydrated myself. But hopefully I can start on soft diet this weekend and getting back to eating real food within the next couple of weeks. I know how my grandson feels when he had one thing to eat and his body wanted something else. The same is happening to me. I will not miss the MusL Blast at all. But it has probably kept me out of the hospital for the last several weeks. So for that I am thankful.

Lots of new patients in the chemo room today. One lady was stuck six times this morning as she was terrified of the port. So on my way I stopped and comforted her and to let her know that this port will make life alot easier. Today was her first day of treatment. And if these nurses can't get a good stick then no one can.

I still don't know my silver lining but will trust it will come in God's good time. All I know is that the wonderful people I have meet over the last 4 1/2 months plus all the wonderful support from ya'll that this would not have been possible.

I am off morphine now, my neck looks good. I get basicly 2 months to recover before any tests - a CT and PET scan. It would be great to be on the lake or BBQ with friends this weekend but will stay at home and relax and recover. I look forward to taking less drugs and being able to lay flat on the bed. To wear normal clothes again and not look like I can't find the right pants to wear!

See ya tomorrow!!

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