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Friday, July 31, 2009

The tube is gone!!!!

It's been a few days since I have been on. Sorry about that. Had a semi rough day on Wednesday. I think it was I was pressing too much at work. So made sure I slept more and am feeling pretty good today. But the most exciting thing is that in the manner of a couple of seconds my feeding tube was gone. We had heard alot of different things that were used to get the tube out and Dr Patel did not use any of them. HE said "take a deep breath" and before I could take a breath, the tube was out. The bottom of the tube is the size of a quarter but only a 1/2 balloon. Some blood squirted out as he pulled it out! Then he just put gauze on the 1/4 inch hole and taped me up. He said the stomach will repair itself within 2 hours and that within six hours everything will be scabed over. And he was right! It feels so good having it gone. I will relax and let it heal over the weekend and that will be one more object gone from my body. The only hurt is when i stretch, the scab breaks apart a little but that's it. The doctor said after six hours they have to make a new hole if it needs to be replaced.

Am having a little reflux problem this week but that too is getting better. Again I have to make myself slow down and take it easy. And my body certainly will let me know! Am having some rash on the sides of my neck but think it is a result of starch shirts so will wear polo shirts for awhile to fix that problem. Such a minor problem as compared to not been able to eat anything!

Had a CT scan on Thursday and will have a PET scan next Tuesday and the results will be the following week. But I feel good and my throat gets better every day. I am adjusting more to no salvia in my mouth as I understand that won't change much. So I drink more water. hmmm Seems I have to do that anyway!

Have gained another pound so weight 133 pounds with my 31" waist. I brag now as this won't last. Can't afford a new wardrobe so have to have to gain weight and a couple of inches in the waist.

So it is just trying to get back to normal both at home and at the office. It is slow, but thats ok. As long as the good days outnumbered that bad, I will take it! And I have all of you to thank for this as I believe that God has truly answered all the prayers. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Later guys....

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  1. I too believe that God's answered all the prayers! I know you're glad to have that tube out!!