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Friday, July 24, 2009

Another week to recovery

It's Friday evening and getting ready to go to bed. Had what I think will be my last hydration this morning. Lunch with ET. Worked a couple of hours and then painted for three hours. And then came home and relaxed. Had oatmeal for breakfast, chili rellano for lunch and homemade chicken enchiladas for supper with some dutch chocolate ice cream. Everything was good except the ice cream. The taste was not there but enjoyed the coolness on my throat. But all in all I've had a good week of meals. I think I have put on 3 plounds this week so am about 131 pounds tonight.

My energy level gets better every day as does my endurance. So hopefully I will not overwork myself this weekend (that won't happen with Lucille and Sarah around!). And get more strength and energy this weekend. My feet and fingers still tingle but just keep working through that. Hopefully it will go away in the months ahead. I certainly don't intend to give in to it! If my sweet tooth would come back somewhat I would be happy. But my taste buds are coming back pretty quick I think. The tip of my tongue is not as numb as it once was.

I have three special requests fopr ya'll. One is my father in law who has congested heart failure. Please keep Jim and Frances in your prayers as they go through this time in their lives. And also keep Jim Adams and his lovely wife Terry in your prayers as he is recovering from heart surgery. And the last is for Randy Auburg. He is having a tough time for the last week of radiation and then a couple of weeks (like me) to get over the major side effects he is having. He also has throat cancer and is at MD Anderson. Nothing against MD Anderson but I am really glad we stayed in Midland. My treatment and caregivers have been excellent and they take what we have to say to heart and then try to make sure that I was as comfortable as I could be in going through these tough chemo and radiation treatments.

I hope everyone has a great weekend as I plan on it. Every day is a little better than before. I just plan on taking each day at a time. If I can work more then I will, but is I can't then I will come home and take a nap and rest. This is a busy time of year but that is the approach I am taking. And it is becasue of your prayers and support. This nation was founded on God and I believe with all my heart he is still here. I am still here as he has a purpose for me. Otherwise I would be leading something not on this earth! ( a joke people!) Prayer is a powerful ally and I think God has listened to each of you. I know that it is an extra mark in the Book of Life. I don't know if I have found the silver lining in this cloud but I will continue to seek it and continue to do what I can to help others. It truly makes me feel peace within myself when I help other people (regardless of whether they have cancer or not). Maybe that is my silver lining. The slowing down of life, helping more people (whether they know it or not), the witnessing to folks. And you know what - the roses smell really good! Nite all...

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