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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a blessed rain today..

It is Wendesday afternoon and feeling somewhat tired after working a few hours but otherwise doing very well today.

Still only sleeping about 4 good hours a night but I'll take what I can get.

Had good meals yesterday. BBQ for lunch and lazanua for supper and a late night snack of popcorn and sprite. My taste buds are coming back quicker than I thought and able to eat through some of the bitter taste now. Still not eating much bread but drinking lots of water. I think the hyrdation is really helping to keep my water level high. It's just one less thing my body doesn't have to worry about. Had cheese toast this morning and it was really dry but ate about 3/4 of it. But will have a good lunch and supper. Am up to a cup of coffee in the morning and about a half of cup at night. Tea doesn't taste good at this point but water is what I normally drink anyway.

I shave my head twice a week now and my beard is a moustache and a few whiskers on my chin. But hair is coming back alot quicker than I thought. But it is all white now!

It has rained all morning. It really has cooled everything off and everything smells so good. I won't have any trouble taking a nap this afternoon. Every morning I feel better. It's all I can ask for. That each day is better than the last. My throat is responding better everyday which is allowing me to eat anything I thing about trying.

People may not believe in the power of prayer but not me. I am where I am today as a result of God's blessing through your prayers. And for that I am extremely thankful to everyone. Later guys.

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