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Sunday, July 19, 2009

work, rest, work rest...

Happy Sunday to everyone!

I have had a pretty successful weekend. Have gained 2 pounds so I am back to 130 pounds. Breakfast has been eggs, biscuits, gravy and sausage. Had steak one night, and last night was potato soup, cottage cheese. The good side is that I am eating a full meal pretty much. Still can't eat breads as it takes too much moisture out of my mouth. And I have learned to drink lots of water during meal time. And no ice cream yet.

The only major side effect I am having at this point is the tingleness in my toes and fingers. I understand that is from cysplatin. But will work through that. My energy level hasn't gotten any stronger but will keep working at doing a little and resting. It will build up over time. My mind says to get busy but my body says not so fast! So until the two of them get together, I will continue to to work and rest.

Last night we went to theatre. It marks the first time I have really been in public since Feb 4. It was kinda strange to say the least. But it is one more step to getting back to normal.

I am excited about getting rid of the feeding tube this week. I have not used it in a week now and with eating pretty much what I am willing to try, I will not be needing it any more. One more device that will not be protruding out of me! But while I needed it, I am glad it was there.

Will get hydrated a couple of times this week just to be safe. I think it has helped in my recovery efforts. By the end of July I shouldn't be doing hydration anymore.

Thank you for your continued prayers and cards. They are so uplifting. I know lots of people are reading this blog and I sincerely hope it is doing as much good for ya'll as it is for me. I would have never posted without Lucille encouraging me. It has been good for me. I hope God is blessing each of you this blessed Sunday.


  1. So glad to hear you are eating! What an amazing journey! I don't get time to read too often, but am always blessed when I do....John said you looked great! :)

  2. Glad you are getting a little closer to a normal routine each week. Hang in there!
    God bless...
    Mark M