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Monday, July 13, 2009

One giant step

Evening everyone..

What started out not too hot ended up pretty good. Got up, had the dry heaves and then had hydration. Spent 4 hours at the clinic. Fed myself thru the tube this morning. But after getting home, I had a hot dog, mustard and a cheese stick for lunch. But for supper Lucille fixed meatloaf, potatoe soup and peas. And I cleaned the plate along with a glass of water. No tube tonight! Am looking forward to each day getting better. Will do hydration 2 more times this week. RIght now will call if I need help. But if continue to eat and improve my drinking, then I think I might very well be over the hump. Im'm sure my clients would like that!

It's amazing what 24 hours can do right now. My attitude is better this evening, my stomach feels good with real food in it. I will work a few hours tomorrow and Thursday. Don't want to get too stretched out. But with God's help, everything is looking up. I'm two weeks out from chemo, so the chemo effects sould be about gone and Thursday is two weeks from last radiation treatment so those effects should about be worn off.

Started lifting some 10# weights for my skinny arms. Nothing serious just want to get my strength back but will do it gradually. While I am looking for weight gain now, I want it to be good weight so we will start eating a little more healthy.

Thanks for the support and continued prayers. Still have about 3 months to really determine if this bad boy is gone (although I think it is). But plan on recovering just like it is gone. So we will be enjoying the next several months. Without this support group, this kind of ordeal would be extremely difficult. I always thought I was a tough guy, but this has proved me wrong! Without God and you, it would have been so difficult. Thanks again..

Try to stay cool. Lots of honey dos around this house so the next couple of months will be trying to finish up alot of those jobs.

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