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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

small steps

Another week of small steps. Taste buds are better. Had a Milky Way candy bar but the real good stuff is maple nuts. Eating like there is no tomorrow but still cannot gain weight. A doctor said it will be a long time, if at all. So guess I will get pants for Christmas!

My voice is still raspy. I am about used to it. I sing deeper now. Still have tingling in my feet and hands. I can rub my head and my feet tingle. Still on blood thinner but have to be as long as my port is in. You can see exactly where the tubing runs on my chest!

My next CT scan Dec 10. I expect nothing to show up but will have these for the two plus years. I can sleep at the drop of being quiet. Need more sleep these days. And when I work alot I pay for it for a day or so. But have to keep pushing to get my strength and energy back.

Working out some, not enough though. But I am getting a little stronger each day. Work is keeping me busy at the office, especially this time of year, and that is good! Did not lose too many tax clients this year.

I am blessed through the support of all of ya'll. I am here for a reason and will let God guide me. I do admit it is hard! But trust we must with God!

I do hope everyone has a great week ahead. I know I will!

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