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Monday, October 26, 2009

Just dealing with everyday life..

Just had my port flushed. Everything from that area looks good. Went camping with Boy Scouts this weekend and while the physical exercise was good for me, I am a little tired.

I don't realize how bad my clothes fit until I put on a dress coat. It is way big. Even after eating solid for the weekend, I still weigh just 131 pounds. But overall I feel good. My feet tingle all the time and my voice is still very raspy. Had my eyes checked this last week and they are not much different than before chemo. Kind of surprised me to say the least. But that is a good thing at this point. I know I have lost some hearing. Noisy places are not for me. I cannot hear at all.

One of my ex-Boy Scouts died late this past week. Please keep the Williams in your prayers. He was 19 years old. A memorial service is being held today. That is reason for dress coat. Also my father in law had a heart attack yesterday so please keep Lucille and Frances (spouse) in your prayers.

Will try to slow down between now and the end of the year. Hopefully, I can get some energy and strength and maybe a little weight before Christmas.

I hope all had a good weekend and will have a great week. With God in our corner how can it be other than that? Good things happen when we let him into our lives everyday, even if we think it not a good thing to us. Prayer is a powerful medicine. We need to really be praying hard. Have a great week everyone.

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