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Sunday, August 16, 2009

An uneventful few days

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. Worked about 5 hours a day from Tuesday thru Thursday and then a full day on Friday. Saturday was spent working at the kids house painting. Today will work on the cook wagon for Scouts and celebrate Walker's birthday (grandson).

Biggest problem is still trying to gain some weight. Breakfast is the hardest at this point since bread still does not go well. Breakfast bars are about the same as bread. Lunch this last week has been hot links and hot dogs. Had Chinese food a couple of days for supper so I don''t think the weight gain has increased. I haven't lost any weight, just no gain. So for that I am happy. For someone who was only eating 2 meals a day to having to eat 3 meals with alot of calories, it has been a chore.

My throat dries out quickly if I don't drink water constantly. I worked in the yard about 30 minutes last night and my mouth was so dry it took about an hour for it to get moist again. Have to pay more attention to myself when I am working outside and stop more frequently to drink. I now drink an occasional sprite along with water and coffee. But very little ice. For some reason the real cold does not do well in my mouth.

I can tell my immune system is not up to speed as I have a strawberry on my elbow that refuses to heal, even with medicine on it. Did not do Scout trip this weekend as a result of that. My body is getting better but not as fast as I would like. Did I ever say patience is not one of the things I'm good at?

All in all, I am pleased with my progress at this point. I know that the recovery will take time and that the more I rest, the quicker I can recover. So I am trying to mix the two together. When I sit for very long, I sleep. I try to make the most of my time while I am awake, whether it is work, visiting or playing. hmmm somewhere in there I should be eating!

God has been good to Lucille and me. And I know that it is the prayers that have been given on my behalf that has resulted in my treatment and recovery progress. And I continue to thank God for each of you for your support. I hope each of you has received a blessing this past week. Every day I get one when I look back on the day. It may be feeling better, being able to lift more weight, being able to work longer, my mind clearing up, being able to help someone in need, or just plain old doing a good turn for someone. Oh, and stopping to smell the roses. We should all be thankful in that if you look around, there is always someone who has it rougher than you and me. And that is a blessing in itself. Have a great Sunday.

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  1. Steve / Lucille

    Great news on the PET scan! I've been out of town for afew days, so I am behind on your news.

    May God continue to bless each of you, daily!

    Hang in there!