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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another week gone

It has been a good week. We met with the chemo doctor and the results of the PET scan were great. Nothing was found on the cross section. So visits with three doctors have resulted in good reports from all. Only issue I have at this point in my recovery is my feet still tingle and my fingers sometimes tingle. My neck is still recovering. Every time I wear a collared shirt, I irrate my neck again. I continue to put medicine and cream on it. Just have to be patience. My jaw is causing me some pain. Was told by the doctor that it is common and have to take some medicine for it if the pain gets too bad.

I have gained another pound this week and now weigh a 135 pounds. Still look like a skinny guy but what a waist!! And no stomach!

Meals have been steack, hamburger patty, pasta, mexican food, oatmeal, eggs, biscuit and gravy. Ate a couple of cookes today with a glass of water. Water is a main staple in my meals as of now. But at least I am eating, and drinking and staying hydrated. I have tried to not work too much this week but we had a sidewalk sale the last two days so the hours have been kinda long. Will sleep and rest alot tomorrow.

Our grandsons are spending ghe night with us this evening. It was their idea. It's neat that they want to stay the night. Of course, their mom and dad just live about 2 minutes from here!

I am tried this evening and will sleep well tonight, even with grandsons in another room! Have a full week next week so have to make sure I go into it with lots of energy. And of course, I will be depending on God and the many prayers offered up to him for my continued healing and getting stronger. I am getting stronger every day and getting more energy to make it through the day. God has been good to us and we thank him on a daily basis for his strength. Later all...

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