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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

IT'S GONE... IT'S GONE !!!!!

Went to Dr Corwin's office and the PET scan to get the initial results. He proceeded to show Lucille and me the initial PET scan and the scan they just finished. Turns out I have 4 lymph nodes that had cancer and the cancer on my throat was much bigger than we thought. But the newest scan showed NOTHING! Yes, it showed there was no cancer anywhere in my body. The doctor was even surprised as he had forewarned us that a test this early will show hot spots and that the real test would be in 3 months. He was as pleased as were we. While they will review the cross section of the PET scan, I do not think they will find anything.

It was like a big weight just lifted off my shoulders when we looked at the scans. I did not realize that I was as worried about the test as I guess I was.

And I believe that the prayers offered by all of you across this world had a tremedous effect. I truly believe God heard these prayers and made sure the cancer was gone. The support has been wonderful and has kept me going all these months. And knowing that God would carry me when I couldn't or wouldn't walk myself. And I can assure you I had those days when I wondered if I could continue.

So here I am the first of August without cancer growing. I got up this morning and did a limited workout and will continue to try and get my strength back. I weigh 134 pounds and will start eating regular items. I would like to weigh between 145 and 155. But I don't care if it takes months to get there. As long as I have the energy and endurance to do what I have and want to do, then weight is not an issue.

Right now I am hoping to be able to work 40 hours a week by the end of the month. Have to earn a living, but life is about smelling the roses and I intend to do more of that in the future. I do not know how long my life will be from this point forward so will use it to smell lots of roses. Later gang and thanks again for your support and prayers......


  1. Steve,
    Great news... He is good, All the time. Many folks have been monitoring your Blog and your posts. Even though we might not have been seen, we did approach His throne on bended knee, and He heard. You have been quite a witness through out this ordeal. Thank you

  2. Glad I found this site and that your news is good. God is indeed good! You and family will continue to be in my prayers.