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Friday, August 28, 2009


Today is Friday and after a long week I am going to go on a Scout camp out to Balmorhea State Park.

I have been to a couple of doctors this week with in infection to my lower jaw and cheek. It seems I have a loose piece of bone that my body is trying to get rid of. So I just have to wait for it to come to the surface. Hopefully it will happen within the next couple of weeks. I am on some mild pain killers as the pain has become intense at times.

I was at a ground breaking for a new Hope House on Wednesday and the PA at Texas Onocology just gave me an exam right there on the spot and ordered in some drugs. What a place!!! Then proceeded to see two dentists.

Eating has been somewhat of a chore this week as the more I chew, the more my mouth hurts. But just put some numbing cream on the spots and try to eat through the pain.

I have not accomplished everything I wanted to this week but am working towards getting there. My energy level is up some but still have to watch and make sure I don't get overextended.

I ask for continual prayers for Kohen Subia - the two year old boy who had a kidney and part of his liver removed and is going through chemo and radiation. I know what I went through so can I can just imagine what he is going through and not being able to tell anyone!

Recovery is slow. I tire way to easy and so I am trying to take it slow. It is hard but I am getting better. I weigh 135 pounds. My feet still tingle but I just keep going. There could be worse things going on with me. I get up each day and thank the Lord for another day. It's all I can ask. Have a great weekend everyone. Steve

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