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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A good day

Yesterday we had a memorial for my Dad who as you know, died from Alzheimer's. It was a wonderful service and I am grateful to First Christian Church for all their efforts. It was good closure for the family.

I have started letting my hair grow out some. I stay cold all the time so thought it might help if I had a little bit of a rug on my scalp! My fingers and especially my feet are still tingly and when I talk too much my mouth gets real dry. But this year has started out so much better than last year. Little did I know what was in store for Lucille and my family. I am certainly looking forward to a better year!

I lost my three pounds this last week, but will continue to eat. My strength gets a little better as does my energy level.

Don't know about ya'll but ready to get into the regular routine. I like the holidays but ready to get back to work and a regular schedule. I have a doctor's appointment this week with my regular doctor. Don't expect anything just a checkup.

Life brings alot of changes and suprises. Some will be good and others will be not so good. But we have to continue to live each day to the fullest. To keep taking a step and continuing to live. People depend on each one of us in one way or another. WE touch peoples lives that we don't even know about. So we have to keep taking those steps each days. We never know when our actions or workds will affect somene in a positive way. This is a great gift from God that we forget about sometimes. I know these past twelve months have taught me about the positive words and support we should do. If not for each and every one of you, I would not be doning this today.

Here's to a great week to walk with God and to do our small part in making a positive influence on someone.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the passing of your father. May you remember all the good times with him.

    You are having a positive impact daily on a LOT of folks. Well done, faithful servant! Hang in there! Walt True (Dallas) says "Hi", and wishes you well.