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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Christmas season is upon us

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a good weekend. Have spent the past week working trying to get caught up at the office including cleaning. I had a CT scan today but have to wait for the results for a few days. The wind blew about 70 mph yesterday. Luckily the damage was not much around here. However, I would not have wanted to be on the edge of town of in the country side.

I was so glad that I had gained 2 pounds over the holidays. However, by the middle of the week I had lost it and now again weigh 131 pounds. It could be worse! I could be losing more weigh and am not, so I am thankful. I had a CT scan this morning. I had a beginning nurse at the hospital and he really dug into my arm looking for a vein. The same one the chemo lab has no trouble getting to! But that too is a thing of the past. Just have to wait for lab results. Prayerful consideration that the cancer is still gone!

I still do not have all my energy back but am working on it. And I still have some chemo brain. At least that is what I attribute things I don't remember. Convenient huh? Still getting cold and expect to wear out several beanies, as well as gloves, this winter!

The glands in my mouth are actually coming back. It is that or I have really gotten used to drinking my meals. But each morning I have to drink before talking as my throat is really dry. But then I could have a devise in my throat because I could not speak normally!

I have always enjoyed the holiday season but this year is really special. Without Dr Patel taking out my tonsil last February, I might not be here today. At least in the shape I am today. So I am truly thankful to God for this special year. Our Christmas ornament this year was a special design that this lady makes for cancer victims. I will post after I take a picture of it.

People still tell me they read this blog and 2 new people have read it this week. If I am helping others then it is all worthwhile. I know it is good for men to keep posting although I don't normally have alot to report to this faithful group.

I am telling everyone "MERRY CHRISTMAS" this year. It is time we put GOD back into the forefront of this nation. This nation was founded on Christian religion and I believe this nation has succeeded because of this belief. I know I am preaching to the choir.

When I feel sorry for myself, I just have to look around me. There are those worse off than me. Allison Cancer Center has been wonderful in taking care of me. But the real credit for my recovery comes from this support group and believing that GOD has a plan for me while I am still on this earth. I had an opportunity to talk to someone about cancer this morning while waiting for my CT scan. It is amazing what we can do if we let God direct our lives.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. We all get busy getting ready for Christmas but remember that Santa Claus also prays. So shouldn't we take a few moments from each day to do the same?

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  1. praying for you, and yours, this Christmas. praying for a clear CT scan. praying, praying.