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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another day - another doctor

Hope all had a good Labor Day weekend. We stayed home and worked on fireplace. All I have left is to grout and run wiring. But will not be using any time soon with the temps in the 90's. Though fall was suppose to start rolling in after Labor Day!!

This month will be going to doctors every few days. Have gone the last two days to have blood drawn for a multiple of tests. Then starting next week, I go to doctors every week for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Just check ups. Sometimes it is hard to figure out if I am just old and hurting or something is wrong! Any of ya'll have that problem?

Taste is getting somewhat better. Weigh about 138 pounds. Energy level is getting better but the recovery period seems to get longer. Could it be that age has something to do with this??

Going backpacking this weekend if my grandson gets healthy. Walker has been having a bad week. So bad he is going to hospital if he does not respond to treatment. Doctor says he is but slowly. Please keep Walker in your prayers. So we will see. Have not been backpacking since before all this started. To think that I was going to backpack at Philmont 10 days after my last radiation. Little did I know what I was in for!! Really looking forward to it. Have to trim my weigh load down to match my new weight!

My Boy Scout Troop is 25 years old this year. My Troop surprised me with a plaque and award for staying around. It made me tear up. Can't cry in front of boys! Yea right! It was very moving and really made me feel good inside.

I can't pray enough for all those I know who are sick. We just have to trust in God that he will make it all ok in his time. Will let you know the results of all my visits in the next few weeks. It is raining tonight so will be nice and cool. Yea!!

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