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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

lost a mom

Another school year has started. Even though we have no kids in school it is still exciting as our oldest grandson started kindergarten yesterday. He really liked the first day but when he found out he had to go today, he was less than excited. He had fun yesterday but decided he wanted to stay home today. Didn't see the need to going every day!!

Went to my heart doctor yesterday and my ekg was good. I have been having pain in my shoulders but upon checking Dr Miller thinks it is tendonitis. So will keep on going and doing what I do and that is to live each day as it comes. It is hectic but am trying to slow down and enjoy my loved ones. Granted it is hard to do, but feel it is necessary to smell those roses!

Enjoyed my camp out this past weekend. Went to Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch and just camped. Had a monster rain shower Saturday afternoon but it was a good weekend. At BTSR there is a flag pole with plaques on them. My name was on one of them which was donated by someone who wanted to remain nameless. Needless to say, I am very humbled that someone would honor me in this way. I just try to help kids to be part of life and be able to deal with it.

This past Monday I went to a funeral for one of my "moms". I was very fortunate to have several "moms" in my life and on this day I paid my respects to Mary Jamieson. Growing up I had several 'moms' that influenced me in my life. While I may not have been in contact with them, they have and are always on my mind as I go through life. While I was growing up, they listened to my problems, gave me advise, corrected me, and guided me. I was fortunate to have several of these wonderful women so help me. I cling and think about the others in my life and thank God for putting them in my life. Life is about touching other people, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst, but always knowing God has put us together for a purpose. As we grow up, we move to the next chapter in life using the experiences learned for our next adventure. My "moms" took their time away from their loved ones to help me, to guide me. And I am so thankful God put them into my life! I have several "moms" to go along with my mom. Did you have any "moms"? Have you thought about how they helped your life? I know there is a special place for them in Heaven. I just hope I have done half as well as they have done. Thank your mom or moms soon.

Hope all of you still reading this blog have a great week and may God continue to bless each of you and will continue to bless this nation...

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