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Thursday, May 6, 2010

just another day

Well, I had my first official haircut yesterday. Lucille said I looked like a hippie!! And to think that a year ago I was without hair!

Weight is now 130 pounds. If I drop below that I will be in trouble. Problem is that food really doesn't interest me and needless to say the taste is not there. The hotter the better!

I finally do not have to wear my beanie to bed every night! Still cover up so maybe by the end of the summer I will not have to have 3 blankets on me every night!

As I sat on one of the benches that an Eagle Scout candidate made for the Hope House Cancer Home, I reflected on the past year especially this time last year. It was comforting to sit there knowing that I made it through with the help of doctors, nurses and the power of prayer from all those who prayed for me. Every time I go past Allison Cancer Center I offer up a prayer for those who are there. There isn't enough praying for all those folks.

The day is hot and the wind is blowing. A typical Midland day. But while we are here, we should slow down and smell the roses as they are blowing past us!!

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