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Monday, May 24, 2010


May 22 was my 60th birthday. Considering all the events of a year ago, I am grateful to be celebrating it. Spent the day working on master bath. A shower leak has become a full blown redo.

I have pushed myself the past couple of weeks with work and home repairs. Needless to say, I am not back to 100%. But don't know of any other way to get energy back than to get with the life of living. Just have to take a little longer to get reenergized! The fact I am even able to do these things is a tribute to God and to all the prayers given on my behalf.

I cannot over emphaize the power of prayer. For folks who not believe in it, I feel sorry for. I am what I am today through the power of prayer. I continue to ask for blessing for each of you each day.

I am maintaining my current weight of 135 pounds. Even got up to 137 for about 24 hours!! Food still does not taste good for the most part. Trying to take a spoonful of honey each day. It is said to bring back the taste buds faster. We'll see. It is worth trying. My feet are still tingling and massage them on a regular basis. My fingers still have some tingling although it is rare now. I have graduated to short sleeve shirts and one less blanket at night. I started working out some in hopes of improving my endurance and energy.

Last year at this time I was finishing up my final chemo and about half way through radiation. I have my radiation mask by my office door that serves as a constant reminder of (as if I needed one) what I went through. It's funny how one forgets about the sickness part after awhile. But when I sit and think about the process, it all comes back. I don't do that very often. No sense in it. Life is about tomorrow and moving forward. History is to learn from. And I thank God for carrying me through all the tough times. And I will thank him for all the good times. Too often we do not give credit to God for the good times. We tend to think we do the good things ourselves. We are deceiving ourselves when that happens. God is with us always, both in good times and bad times. I'm just glad I have let him into my life. I know my faith has increases multiple folds this last year.

Hope eveyone has a great week. I know I will!! Later gang.

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