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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back from summer camp

Went to the hill country near Kerrville for Boy Scout Summer camp. Was hot and humid but it was great to be with the kids. Had a great group of boys and adults. It has taken me over a week to recope from camp. Had about six hours or less of sleep each night. Typical summer camp. Good news is I did not lose any weight.

I am asking for prayers for Jim Stewart (Lucille's dad). He is having some heart problems. Walker (grandson) is going to Mayo Clinic Aug 9 for evaluation. Hopefully, they can find out problems he is having and get them fixed!

Only a few more weeks of summer and then school starts up! Days go faster and faster it seems. It seems to get harder and harder to get everything done each day. So here I am writing this blog!! LOL

About finished with major home repair and that is rework of master bath. Hopefully this weekend I will get finished except for a little trim work. And then its off to another project. Home ownership is great!!

I hope everyone is having a good summer. Hope everyone is able to slow down a little and smell those roses!

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