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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not sure what else to post

This time last year I was in the hospital taking alot of drugs trying to get me from getting so bad.

Today, I am doing much (actually alot) better. I weight 134 pounds at this time. My energy level is getting better. I do anything I want to try.

Biggest problems today are: food still has not tasted right. Most chocolate is bad for me. Alot of bread still dries out my mouth, as does grapes and other fruits. My greasy hamburger has not made its way across my hands yet!! My feet still tingle. I spend time each night rubbing them. When they get cold, it gets worse. I have started letting my hair grown back out, but it is very slow. Primarily I have done it to try and keep my head warmer. It was 70 today and I had a jacket on! Beanies still rule my house right now!

I am currently having tests done on my heart and artries to see what effect the chemo and radiation have done to them. Unofficial results are very favorable.

My daughter, Sarah, has made a hard bound book of this blog. As I have started reading through it, I wonder how I made it. I knew it was bad, but did not realize it was that bad. But God and the power of prayer has do wonderful things in my life. As I have told people in my office, the Lord must have some use for me. I have a friend who lost his wife this last year and we go eat once a week. I have grandkids that I have to help. I have a Boy Scout Troop that I oversee. I have an ear for those who need to talk. And I pray alot. Not for me, but for those names come across my computer, phone, tv, by mouth. If prayer worked for me then it is the least I can do for others!

My next CT scan is in April. I approach each day with a newness. Each day that I wake up and realize that I can make a difference in someone's life. I smell the roses. I slow down to help others. Life is truly rewarding by helping others, whether they know you are doing it or not. It just makes the heart feel good!!

I'm not sure how many folks are still reading this blog. It has been a great relief for me to be able to expess my problems and conditons I have gone through. The comments have been God driven. Life is what we make of it. Are we willing to take the extra step to make a difference. I know each of you have done that for Lucille and me.

I will post once a month for a few more months. It is hard to truly say good-bye to this blog as it has meant so much to me. But it may be time to try something new. We'll see....

God Bless each of you this day... Steve

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